What to do at the hotel ? 



Bike hire for one day or more with our partner Telecycles (mountain bike, road or electric)
Also possible for children from 6 years old.
The hotel will suggest to you nice rides from the hotel in the natural Park of les Alpilles. 


The tennis (hard court) is located in the garden. Tennis rackets and balls are available at reception.Tennis lessons on request. 




A private teacher comes on request to the hotel pool to propose swimming lessons for children or adults. Rates are 35 euros for 35 min, 45 euros for 45 min and 55 euros for one hour.



Try to play bowls, an easy Provençal game!
We will provide you with all the necessary equipment.
The bowls ground is located amongst olive trees near the tennis court. aussi à jouer à la pétanque, le jeu provençal accessible à tous!


Walks from the hotel and hiking trails in the Alpilles (picnic basket on request). GR6 trail is 30 minutes walk from the hotel.

Fire regulation from June to September may restrict the access to the natural Park.

Any more information ?

Tel : 33 (0)4 90 54 35 78

Email : contact@masdeloulivie.com


A nice well-being offer to relax 

Your priority is to relax and to pamper yourself.
Choose the care or package which suits you best with the help of our professionals: massages, body cares, facials, waxing, make-up, image consultation ... Discover all our body treatments, facials and massages, ....

                                            CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS OF MASSAGES AND  MASSAGES

All massages are non therapeutic massages and the treatments are performed with relaxing music either in your own room or in our massage room located next to the outside pool. Our massage room with warm terracotta colours is equipped with a very comfortable massage table and a large shower.
Please book in advance and, if possible, when booking your room or at the reception desk, book 24 hours in advance. You will be charged for your treatments if they are not cancelled 24 hours prior to booking time. 


Massages :

* Toning / drainage massage
Together with acupoint massage, this helps physical and muscular recovery. Its beneficial toning effect improves blood and lymphatic circulation. This massage is particularly recommended to those who are active in sport, who are on their feet a lot or who work at computers a lot of the time.
* Hot stone massage
A very relaxing, detoxifying treatment. Heated basalt lava stones are placed on specific parts of the body corresponding to acupuncture points in combination with an oil-based massage.
* Foot reflexology
Acupoint massage is applied to the feet to re-establish the body's energy flow. The central belief is that specific parts of the feet correspond with other regions of the body (liver, kidney, intestive etc.)This works to improve blood supply, help digestive troubles, the nervous system and releases blocked energy.
* Relaxing massage
An aromatic experience makes this massage more pleasurable and effective, and also awakens the body's self-healing potential. It is a soft massage which releases tension but also give your skin a silky touch. Complete relaxation guaranteed for complete well-being.
* Deep Tissue / Energy massage
This massage unlocks energy along the spinal column. It focuses on releasing energy to restore harmony and balance in your body and spirit.Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who are involved in heavy physical activity. The deep tissue massage induces a complete state of relaxation that brings harmony to mind, body and soul.

* Back massage
This massage relaxes and tones up the muscles of your back. It also helps you to relax and literally takes the weight off your shoulders.

* Scalp massage
Scalp massage release tension in your forehead, neck and head. This massage is extremely relaxing and improves blood circulation, giving a healthier and fuller head of hair. 

* Reflexology
Reflexology is the applicatin of pressure to areas on the feet which correspond to organs and systems of the body. This massage is generally relaxing and may be an effective way to alleviate stress.

* Expectant mother massage
The expectant mothery massage promotes relaxation, soothes nerves and relieves strained back and leg muscles in expectant mothers. It also improves the elasticity of the skin. It is a relaxing massage which just make you feel good.

Skin & body cares :

A beautician offers several skin and body care treatments :
* body cares (scrubs, masks, hydrating creams)
* beauty treatments for hands and feet
* waxing
* facials / make-up